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Miss. Vani Patel

Counselor and Embryologist

B.Sc. Genetics, M.Sc (Human Genetics), M.Sc. (Clinical Embryology)

Work experience
Genetic counselor, Embryologist and Research Fellow

University of Dundee
Research Project: Assessment of Human Sperm Acrosome Reaction using FACS and its potential Application in
Phenotypic highthroughput screening.
Manipal University
Research Project: Dual Drug Loaded polymeric vector to vanquish Human Glioblastoma Cells. an In Vitro Investigation
NVPAS, Sardar Patel University
Review Thesis: Infertility in Male and Female

Paper/Poster Presentation
a) Assessment of Human Sperm Acrosome Reaction using FACS and its potential Application in Phenotypic
highthroughput screening – ISAR, Kolkata 2018. SARG international Conference, Israel 2018. ACE, Goa 2018
b) Stem cell Therapy and its potential Application in Premature Ovarian Failure- ISAR, Kolkata 2018, SARG International
Conference. Israel 2018.
c) Alternative Medicine: Ayurvedic Medicine to Improve Sperm Quality. – ACE, Goa 2018


  • IUI Lab Setup – Lecture, Yuva ISAR (2018)
  • IUI – Semen Preparation – CME, Manas Hospital- Palanpur (2017)
  • Stem Cell and Its Clinical Applications – AOGS (2016)
  • CRISPR System- Manipal University (2014)
  • Genetic Tools for Diagnosis – Manipal University (2014)
  • Pre-Natal Genetic diagnosis – Sardar Patel University (2013)
  • Inter-College Elocution – Sardar Patel University (2012)
  • National Energy Conservation Day – Sardar Patel University (2011)

Conferences/ Seminars

  • February 2018: SARG – Israel
  • February 2018: Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction(ISAR) – Kolkatta
  • January 2018: SOGOG – Ahmedabad
  • July 2017: SHREG – Edinburgh
  • December 2016: Ahmedabad Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (AOGS) – Ahmedabad
  • August 2015: Advance Training in Stem Cells and their Clinical Applications – New Delhi.
  • August 2015: Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction Embryology ( As Faculty) – New Delhi.
  • December 2014: 4th Annual conference on Mitochondrial Biology: from Molecules to Diseases – Manipal, Karnataka
  • December 2014: One day Symposium on Human Cytogenetics and Genetic Toxicology- Manipal, Karnataka.
  • October 2014: 3rd Annual meeting and symposium of Society of Biological Chemists – Manipal, Karnataka.
  • April 2014: Indo-Australian Workshop on Biotechnology Epithelial Development, Function and Diseases – New Frontier and Therapies. – Manipal, Karnataka.
  • February 2014: One Day workshop on Advanced Molecular Techniques – Vallabh Vidhyanagar – Gujarat.
  • April 2012: Conference on Clinical Genetics (Ahmedabad) (4Credit Points by GMC).

1) Prof. Christopher Barratt
2) Dr. Kamini Patel

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