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Social Egg Freezing

The concept of egg freezing is little known right of a woman, which makes it difficult to provide these services to the needy population. Social Egg Freezing is a boon for the ladies who are considering late marriage for various reasons or women suffering from Cancer or other serious illness. Chemotherapy is a toxic treatment which along with cancer cells kills the natural normal cells in the body. So in chemotherapy follicular pool of the women is most affected. Due to this the quality and quantity of the follicles reduces.

Once a women suffering from cancer starts chemotherapy, she almost forgets about motherhood. Now with social egg freezing this can change for the better, before a women goes through chemotherapy she has an option of freezing her eggs which allows her to be at ease during her chemotherapy sessions.

Some women may find that chances of career advancement could be affected by having a child at a particular point in life. Others are certain that having a child later on in life is better option. Women may want to wait to achieve a certain level of financial stability before growing a family.

Many desire to wait until they find a suitable partner. Women who may be undergoing some sort of medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, may find it necessary to undergo an egg freeze procedure.

Cryopreservation can also be used in cases where the initial IVF treatment using fresh eggs was unsuccessful.

Dr. Ritesh says “This is a revolutionary concept which will help many women when it comes to the cancer patients and other genetic conditions”

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