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Infertility Services

Several plans of starting a family are shattered when couples learn of some complication they might be experiencing in conceiving. In such cases, scientific processes, such as IVF treatment seem like God sent. IVF is one of the most path-breaking scientific discoveries till date in the field of genetics and biology.

Stem Cell Therapy

We use stem cells derived from the patient’s own body in order to minimize the risk of allergic reaction or disease transmission. We are able to get your own stem cells from bone marrow aspiration which is a procedure that can be done in the office with minimal discomfort.

IVF Services

IVF is a social service, it saves marriages form breakup, just for the want of own child. IVF is a social service, it saves marriages form breakup, just for the want of own child. So at Vani, we feel, IVF is not a TREATMENT but it’s a SERVICE TO THE SOCIETYDr. Kamini Patel.


Dr. Kamini Patel says surrogacy is a boon for women with compromised ability to achieve pregnancy.

It is a gift to the women who wants their own genetic child but is unable to conceive due to endometrial complications.

Social Egg Freezing

The concept of egg freezing is little known right of a woman, which makes it difficult to provide these services to the needy population. Social Egg Freezing is a boon for the ladies who are considering late marriage for various reasons or women suffering from Cancer or other serious illness.

Fetal Medicine Expert

We provide pre-conception counseling, genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis including comprehensive and targeted ultrasounds, first trimester screening, chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, among others.